Features of a Well Designed Print-Ready Christmas Menu

Posted on 02/10/2023

Restaurant Christmas menu

Christmas comes early in the print industry. Businesses are already preparing for one of the busiest seasons of the year and that includes getting all the printed materials ready. For hospitality venues that serve food, an enticing Christmas menu is a guaranteed way to get those big parties through the door. We’ve printed a lot of high quality Christmas menus over the years, so we thought we’d share a few tips about what makes a good printed Christmas menu.

A well-designed Christmas menu should have the following features:

Easy to read

The major dishes should be obvious at a glance - this is a menu after all! The most attractive menus are not crowded with too many dishes or presented in a long list. You can use boxes, spotlights and categories to organise your menu, make the information clearer for your customers and draw attention to your most profitable items.

Seasonal twist

Your Christmas menu should match your brand style (you would want someone viewing it outside the context of your restaurant to know that it is definitely yours!) but it’s also fun to add a seasonal twist. A designer can incorporate Christmas colour themes, or festive illustrations and decorations that will leave the reader in no doubt that they are viewing a Christmas menu!.

Varied fonts

Varying your fonts can be a good thing, but don’t get carried away - you want your menu to look professional and be legible so you should probably steer clear of overly cursive fonts that look like handwriting. You can also achieve variation by employing the same font in different sizes and colours.

Descriptive and enticing

Make your dishes sound delicious and appealing by using descriptive language and adding details. You’ll know what details appeal to your typical customer: it could be the ingredients, the local origins, or the health benefits that appeal most. What makes your Christmas pudding distinctive? What trimmings are included in your roast turkey dinner? What local farm reared the goose?

Distinctive style

If you are interested in trying a unique shape or format that stands out from the usual menus. We have all the skills and machinery that can help you achieve variety in the shape and style of your menu..

Your ultimate aim is to impress your potential customers and make them want to book a table to try your festive dishes. Don’t forget to include contact details somewhere as people like to take festive menus away to be perused by colleagues or family members ahead of a booking.

Whether you have a fabulous menu waiting to be printed, or if you would like to work with our in-house designers to present your information in its most enticing light, Colour Print has a print service set up for a quick and efficient turnaround of high quality printed materials.

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