High Quality Large Format Printing from Our XLS Long Sheet Printer

Posted on 02/04/2024

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ColourPrint is proud to include among our services the use of a revolutionary digital printer capable of printing on sheets measuring up to 1200mm x 330mm. This innovative technology offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution for a variety of large format printing applications.

  • Streamlined Banner and Poster Creation. The XLS printer directly produces seamless, high-resolution banners and posters, these have proven to be particularly popular for e.g. sales and promotional advertising in shop windows.
  • Booklet and Brochure Production: Multiple A4 or A5 pages can be printed onto a single long sheet, facilitating a simplified workflow. The sheet can then be folded and trimmed to produce professional booklets and brochures from a single run.
  • Large Format Calendar and Planner Printing. Printing out expansive wall planners and large format calendars let you (and your colleagues and employees) see at a glance the upcoming schedule, fostering improved communication and organisation.
  • Book Cover and Dust Jackets. Printing on a digital long sheet printer ensures exceptional detail and vibrant colours for book covers or dust jackets that will make your publication stand out.
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ColourPrint is committed to providing innovative printing solutions for businesses in Norwich and surrounding areas.

To learn more about long sheet printing or to discuss how ColourPrint can meet your printing needs with the XLS long sheet printer, contact us today by calling our sales team on 01603 488001 or emailing sales@col-print.co.uk

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