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19/05/2017 Lithographic Printing, Business Services

Printed Marketing to Boost Your Business

Glossy brochure

Marketing strategies vary quite considerably between businesses. Some businesses will spend heavily on marketing themselves through all media. Others are so confident in the quality of their product or service that they are happy to sit back and pick up word-of-mouth recommendations. Most businesses nestle somewhere in between. Let’s have a look at how a printed marketing campaign might help boost your business.

The New Business Start-Up

It is usually recommended to spend quite heavily on marketing during the first months of a new business venture. You have to make people aware that your new business exists. Try to target your marketing. A new gardening business might a target neighbourhoods with large gardens. A new coffee shop might want to offer discounts to local businesses. In both cases flyers featuring a special offer are a great way to drum up business.  

Getting out of a Slump

All businesses will have their ups and downs. Try to save a little in the good times so that you can spend your way out of the bad times. If you are going through a slump, then try rebranding. People’s natural curiosity will bring them through your door – “Ooh! Something new is going on? I want to be a part of it!” Another technique is to take a look through your client list and target customers you haven’t seen for a while with direct mail – a tempting offer should bring them back.

Expanding Your Operation

Any expansion to your operation should be advertised. You want everyone to come and see your new premises. You need to tell everyone how effective your new service is. New product lines in store? Tell people to come and see for themselves. A mix of printed materials such as attractive posters in your store windows and a canny social media campaign should reach the right people. 

If you are planning a business boosting marketing campaign and you want vibrant colour-printed materials to be part of the mix, then get in touch. Read all about our print distribution service on our website then call our office on 01603 488001 to speak to a member of our team.  

Get regular tips and advice on colour print marketing by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

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