Save Money by Choosing a Digital Cutter for Your Project

Posted on 21/12/2023

Two printed products created from the new digital printer at colour print

At Colour Print, we're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and serve our customers better. That's why we're thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of a PFi Blade Digital Cutting Table! This machine is a game-changer for short-run projects and a potential money-saver for your next print job.

Cutting Edge Technology

Gone are the days of waiting for custom dies and paying hefty setup fees for small orders. Our PFi Blade can slice through paper and cardboard with laser precision. No more minimum order quantities, no more extended lead times – just swift, accurate cuts on demand.

The advantages of choosing digital cutting go beyond convenience. Here are just a few ways it can benefit your project:

  • Cost-effective: For small to medium runs, skipping the die-making process translates to significant savings. Digital cutting eliminates setup costs, making it the budget-friendly option for limited quantities.
  • Versatility: One machine, endless possibilities! Cut shapes of all sizes and complexities, create intricate designs, and personalise packaging – all on the same platform.
  • Speed and Efficiency: No waiting for dies, no time-consuming setups. Get your cuts done quickly and efficiently, ensuring your project stays on track.
  • Reduced waste: Digital cutting minimises material waste, aligning with our commitment to sustainable printing practices.

Think Short Run, Think Digital

When it comes to short-run print projects like:

  • Custom packaging: Boxes, labels, tags, and inserts
  • Marketing materials: Flyers, brochures, and point-of-sale displays
  • Event invitations: Tickets, cards, and banners
  • Promotional products: Stickers, decals, and labels

...a digital cutter can be your secret weapon for saving time and money.

Find the Perfect Fit

Traditional die cutters still have their place for large-volume jobs. At Colour Print, we offer both options, so we can match the right cutting tool to your specific project needs. Just chat with our friendly team of experts, and we'll guide you toward the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Got any questions? Contact Colour Print today by calling 01603 488001 and let's discuss the perfect cutting solution for your next project!

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