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Supporting Businesses as the Economy Reopens

post covid business essentials

Like nearly all businesses, our trade has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and we’ve had to put in place measures that have seen us through the worst of the crisis. Some businesses have been considerably harder hit. This week sees the partial reopening of the hospitality and leisure industries whose doors have been shut by government mandate all of this year.

Colour Print is here to support our small business colleagues who run shops, pubs, gyms, hair salons and restaurants with high quality printed materials to encourage the public to safely enjoy your services.

Open for Business

Some businesses have sadly had to close completely. If yours is open, even in a limited fashion to start with, let every passer-by know when and how you are open and what to expect from a visit to your premises.

Information and Safety Posters

If people are well-informed by large friendly signs indicating what rules should be observed while shopping with you, then there will be fewer of those awkward confrontations when someone is in transgression of those rules.

Barriers and Queue Dividers

Barriers and queue dividers help people to keep socially distanced from other shoppers - as with every item of shop furnishing, they can also be a chance to reinforce your brand.

Vinyl Floor Stickers

The public has become used to seeing these guides to appropriate spacing on the floors of major supermarkets. Vinyl floor stickers conveying information about where to stand or how to move about a store could be even more useful in a smaller retail space. 

We’ve got great prices on these printed materials and experts in print ready to give you advice on the items that will help you and your customers navigate the return to normality. Call Colour Print on 01603 488001 or email to discuss your requirements. 

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