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19/10/2017 Printing FAQs

When Is the Right Time to Start Advertising Christmas?

Snowman in the snow scene

Much earlier in the year than everyone else, the owners of pubs, restaurants and other hostelries have to think about what they are doing for Christmas. Menus must be prepared and parties planned. Organising festive events is one thing, but when should a company start advertising them? There are a few things to take into account.

Plenty of Notice

People are busy and they like to plan ahead. You might not want to think about Christmas in the middle of October and that’s totally understandable. But, if someone rings up to book their Christmas party, it’s no good telling them to ring back once you’ve got Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night out of the way – they’ll simply book elsewhere.

Don’t Go Overboard

Being prepared is fair enough but, if you festoon your pub with Christmas advertising and related paraphernalia as soon as the hour goes back, you’ll be in danger of looking like you’re trying too hard. Subtlety is the key to early Christmas advertising. You can always ramp it up in December. The trick is to appeal to both the early planners and the people who leave everything to the last minute.

Optimal Advertising

Christmas is a big deal for the hospitality industry. There are people out and about and willing to spend. The optimal way to attract these punters into your pub or restaurant is with a mix of advertising. A couple of weeks ago, we posted a blog about how posters and flyers were effective advertising for a New Year’s Eve party. If you have a mailing list of regular customers, you could target them directly with offers that can be redeemed over the Christmas period. Direct printed marketing gets around the problem of getting your message to the early planners without annoying the ‘Christmas starts on Christmas Eve’ brigade.

Direct Mail Assistance

At Colour Print, we are more than just a printshop. An important part of our business is our distribution service. We can store the materials that we have printed for you and distribute them to a list of addresses whenever you direct us.


Start your Christmas direct marketing campaign this week by contacting Colour Print. To get a quote for what you want, simply fill out our online form.

For regular tips on printing and marketing, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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