How die cutting works

A template (known as a ‘die’) is prepared to your specific design. This involves the positioning of sharp steel blades that will cut through the printed paper or card. Each page running through the die-cutter will be cut to the exact shape of the template. We can cut to any shape you desire – we can even make holes that will reveal the content on the page beneath – but we advise that you avoid any shapes that will weaken the structure of your final printed product: you don’t want to send anything out that will arrive torn because you left too thin a strip of card between your die cut hole and the edge of the page.

Binding options

Die cutting can create creases

When we say precise, we really mean it. The sharp steel blades don’t have to slice all the way through the page. If you want to create folding creases, the blades in the die can be set so that they only slice into the page – not through it.

Binding options

Perfect for eye-catching mailouts

When preparing printed materials for a direct marketing campaign, die cutting gives you a provision for making interesting shapes. Sending out flyers and leaflets in standard ‘A’ sizes is fine if you simply want to convey information. However, if you wish to catch the eye or imagination of the recipient, a die cut flyer will stand out.

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