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31/01/2019 Creative Marketing, Business Services

A Direct Marketing Campaign Will Improve Sales

graph showing effective direct marketing campaign

We can provide all of your printing needs for a direct mail marketing campaign that will connect with your customers and drive additional sales. The Royal Mail have recently published some statistics drawn from a survey that proves the effectiveness of direct marketing.

Open Rates for Direct Mail

If you think that direct marketing goes straight in the recycling, think again. The survey revealed these open rates for different types of mail:

  • Statements, bills and information updates – 83%
  • Brochures from companies that people have already used – 71%
  • Letters that feature a promotion or special offer – 69%
  • Letters about a product or service from an unknown company – 60%

Actions Following Receipt of Mail

The survey asked respondents what actions they took after receiving mail. The answers are instructive about the effectiveness of direct marketing:

  • Acted upon it directly – 42%
  • Shared the information with an interested party – 39%
  • Gathered further information about a product or service – 39%
  • Attended/visited a physical shop – 22%

All Householders Engage

You may have expected older people to engage with direct mail more than younger people. However, when asked if they had bought or ordered as a result of receiving direct mail, the different age groups of householders produced very similar results:

  • Sharers – 21.7%
  • Couples – 26%
  • Younger families – 29.6%
  • Older families – 26.9%
  • Empty nesters – 25.8%
  • Older retirees – 31.7%

The levels of engagement with direct marketing revealed by this independent survey conducted by MarketReach on behalf of the Royal Mail are remarkable. Many of our regular clients know this already, that’s why they continue to come to us for imaginative design and high-quality printing of their direct mail marketing campaigns. 

If you would like to know more about our services, please get in touch. We can assist you with the design and printing of an eye-catching direct marketing campaign that will engage your customer base and increase sales of your products and services. Call us on 01603 488001 or email for more information.

Read more direct mail marketing statistics on the MarketReach website.

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