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22/02/2019 Education and Training

Competitively Priced Prospectus Printing

image of graduates for printed prospectus

A printed prospectus provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the high standards of your educational establishment to parents and potential scholars. We can assist with the design, printing and delivery of a full colour prospectus that will be a key tool in increasing the enrolment figures at your school, college or university. Let’s take a look at some of the features of an enticing prospectus.


A prospectus must prominently feature your organisation’s branding. Parents and potential pupils may be looking at several prospectuses during the selection period. Your logo on the cover is a given, but more subtle techniques such as the use of background page colour can also reinforce your brand throughout the prospectus.


Colourful photography is the best way to show off the facilities of your establishment. Photography can show students engaging in curricular and extra-curricular activities. If your school or college has a reputation for a particular sport, or for music or drama, then these activities present great opportunities to capture images of students enjoying academic life. Printing on high quality paper brings these images into sharp relief.


Parents and prospective students will both want information, but perhaps of a different kind. You’ll need to publish information that will satisfy both categories of reader: league table positions and student satisfaction statistics; courses and extra-curricular activities on offer. Overseas students might appreciate some information about the local area. Some schools and universities that wish to attract students from a particular country choose to publish a version of their prospectus in a second language.

Print Finishes

A prospectus must be high quality. We have a number of professional print finishes that can be used to make your prospectus stand out. Read more about print finishes for prospectuses and other printed materials on our printing services page.

At Colour Print, we have the facilities to print and bind a professional prospectus for your school, college or university. Call us on 01603 488001 or email

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