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21/11/2018 Print Finishes

Add a Spot UV Varnish for a High-End Finish

spot UV varnish technique on brochure cover

Spot High Gloss UV Varnish is a deluxe finishing technique that can be used to add a sophisticated sheen to specific areas of your printed project. We often apply Spot UV varnish to the covers of brochures and books. For instance, you may wish to draw attention to lettering or your company logo.

How Spot UV Works

Spot UV Varnish can be applied after the main printing process is finished. A specially adapted screen printer will be used to apply the varnish which is then dried under UV lighting, giving the areas to which it has been applied a slightly raised high-gloss finish that will reflect light. The end product feels and looks luxurious. 

Using Spot UV Varnish 

The varnish provides a shiny contrast with the matt finish of the paper stock. The area to which the thin layer of varnish has been applied becomes reflective. Make sure your UV varnish design works in harmony with your printed design. An effective and often original way to use Spot UV varnish is to think in terms of negative space – drawing attention to the unvarnished areas of your printed page.

Applications of Spot UV Varnish

The technique can be employed to add a sleek and sophisticated finish to:

  • Brochures and Leaflets
  • Book Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Invitations

To find out more about including Spot UV Varnish in your printed projects, or to get a quote for a print run, call us on 01603 488001. 

For regular company news and information about our services, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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