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Essential Printed Items for Your Post-Covid Business Reopening

Post covid business reopening essentials

The government has announced that it will shortly be publishing its lockdown exit strategy. It seems clear that there won’t be a sudden return to business as usual as retail companies begin to open their doors. Social distancing measures will likely still need to be adhered to. Printed materials letting customers know what is expected of them will be essential to keep your staff and customers safe.

The shutdown of the economy to protect the nation’s vulnerable people and keyworkers happened so quickly that the sight of hastily scrawled ‘temporarily closed’ signs on the doors of retail establishments became commonplace. For the reopening, you can plan a little better.

Open for Business Signage

Astute business owners are already ordering printed signage to display in their doors and windows once they reopen. Why not advertise discounts for the NHS staff and other keyworkers that have kept us safe and fed during the crisis?

Public Information and Safety Posters

We’re all getting used to shopping with more awareness of others. Letting your customers know that you care about their safety with public information and safety posters will be a key indicator to everyone shopping with you that you take minimising virus transmission very seriously.

Barriers and Queue Dividers

The retail shopping experience has likely changed forever. Barriers and queue dividers help people to keep socially distanced from other shoppers - as with every item of shop furnishing, they can also be a chance to reinforce your brand.

Vinyl Floor Stickers

One way systems and encouragements to stay 2 metres apart will be a regular feature of post-Covid retail. Hard-wearing vinyl floor stickers help your customers know where to stand, and in what direction to move. 

We’ve got great prices on these printed materials and experts in print ready to give you advice on the items you will need for a safe and successful relaunch. Call Colour Print on 01603 488001 or email to discuss your requirements. 

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