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06/06/2018 Print Finishes

Print Finishes: Intricate Laser Cutting

Intricate laser cutting 3

Intricate laser cutting is the technique we employ when the design to be cut is too intricate to be cut using our die cutter. In the latest of our sequence of blog posts on the various print finishes we offer at Colour Print, we’ll be taking a closer look at the technique of intricate laser cutting.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

We have converted a flatbed cylinder press into a die-cutting machine that handles the majority of our customers’ cutting requirements. Occasionally, however, a job comes along that tests the limits of a die-cutter’s capabilities. For really intricate cut designs – especially those that feature many smaller holes or those that leave only a thin strand of paper between the cut hole and the edge of the page – we can supply a laser cut finish.

Intricate laser cutting 2

How It Works

A powerful laser is attached to a robotic tool that can transcribe very precise motions above a two-dimensional surface. Paper or card is laid upon the surface. The tool moves about above the surface firing the laser according to the pattern programmed into it. The laser burns cleanly through the paper in the desired pattern, leaving you with an intricate design of holes cut precisely where you wanted them.

Cost-Effective Cutting

Laser cutting is a more time-consuming process than die-cutting. For longer print runs, it might be worth reducing the complexity of your cut design and using a die-cutter. However, for shorter runs, laser-cutting may prove to be the more cost-effective option as you do not have the expense of producing the metal die.

Intricate laser cutting 1

If you are unsure what is the best way to cut precision holes in printed pages, our team of print engineers are more than happy to share their expertise. For more information about any of our cutting processes or any of our other print finishes, please contact the office on 01603 488001 or email any questions to

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