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15/06/2018 Print Finishes

Print Finishes: Spot High Gloss UV Varnish

Spot high gloss UV varnish

In the latest of our sequence of blog posts about the various print finishes we offer at Colour Print, we’ll be taking a look at Spot High Gloss UV Varnish. A finish that can be selectively applied to your printed material so as to give certain areas a shiny look and feel.

Definition of Spot High Gloss UV Varnish

For a better understanding of what printers mean when they talk about Spot High Gloss UV Varnish, this term is probably worth breaking down into its component parts:

  • Spot. This means that the finish can be applied to just part of a page (unlike a technique such as gloss lamination which must be applied to the whole page).
  • High Gloss. Glossiness is a description of how reflective something is. High gloss means that the area treated will be highly reflective.
  • UV Varnish. The UV stands for ultraviolet. When dry, a thin coating of varnish cured by UV light creates the shiny finish we’re looking for.

Deluxe Print Finishing Technique

Spot High Gloss UV Varnish is a deluxe technique that adds glamour to your printed materials. We most frequently apply Spot UV varnish to the covers of brochures and leaflets advertising high-end products and bespoke services. However, we have also used the technique on business cards, book covers and flyers. Highlighting lettering or a company logo is a popular and effective use of Spot UV varnish. 

Maximum Contrast

For maximum contrast, you can combine a Spot High Gloss UV Varnish with a Matte finish laminate. Check out our recent post on lamination for more details. All brochures are also available in a range of binding options

To talk to our print experts about our bespoke print finishes, call the offices of our printworks on 01603 488001.

For regular company news and information about our services, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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