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02/01/2019 Creative Marketing, Business Services

Reduce Plastic Use by Switching to Printable Paper Bags

printed paper bags

If one of the resolutions you have made for your business over the new year is to reduce the amount of plastic that you use, then switching from plastic to paper bags is an ecological decision that comes with a host of additional benefits. 

  • Printable. Your company logo and branding can be printed onto the surface of your paper bags. Customers using the bags to carry their goods home will be providing advertising for your company.  
  • Resilient. Modern paper bags are manufactured to be a convenient and resilient container that can bear the weight of multiple items for the duration of their use. 
  • Recyclable. Paper bags are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Once they have finished their usefulness as a carrier bag, they can be recycled at a paper mill or composted alongside garden and kitchen waste.
  • Child Safe. Plastic bags post a suffocation risk and must be kept out of reach of small children. Paper bags are a much safer alternative.
  • Choice of Designs. Paper bags typically have a strong box-shaped bottom, convenient for packing. Most manufacturers offer a choice of handle-free ‘grab bags’ and handled designs.

At Colour Print, we are always looking at ways to improve our environmental credentials and we are only too happy to assist clients that are looking for ways to reduce their plastic use. We can provide organisations with printed paper bags featuring customised logo and branding. 

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