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07/12/2018 Business Services, Lithographic Printing, Digital Printing

Print Expertise for Design Businesses

graphic designer

At Colour Print, we have many long-established working relationships with design businesses. They come to us for high-quality, competitively-priced printing of their design work. 

Freelance Graphic Designers

There are enough businesses looking for quality design work that it is possible to make a comfortable living as a freelance graphic designer. We have partnered with many independent designers to provide professional printing services for their clients.

Greetings Card Designers

By its very nature, the greetings card industry needs a huge array of constantly changing designs. The industry is worth £1.4 Billion and there are over 800 publishers in the UK. Designers who sell direct to retail may need to produce big print runs if they hook a major client. We have digital and lithographic printing machines capable of meeting all the requirements of a greetings card designer.

Digital Artists

The term ‘digital art’ embraces a broad spectrum of activities from the simple editing of colour schemes to the creation of complex animations. Artists working in a digital medium may still want to display their artworks in the three dimensional world and that means using the sort of high-quality printing techniques that we can provide.

If you are a freelance graphic designer, greetings card start-up or digital artist looking to partner with an experienced printer, get in touch. You can call our printworks on 01603 488001 or email

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