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29/01/2018 Education and Training

Show Off Your School with a Prospectus


When it comes to promoting your educational establishment, a professionally printed prospectus can be used to present your school, college or university in its best light. A prospectus is a lengthy advertisement for your campus that can outline the full range of courses, facilities and activities available to students. Pupils and parents can take a look at the prospectus and use it to compare different establishments. 

Comprehensive School Prospectus

In an age when everyone is told they need a website or app, most comprehensive schools still choose to have a printed prospectus that can be posted to parents and distributed during open days. A beautifully designed and printed prospectus is something that parents of potential pupils can leaf through at their leisure and it can provide answers to many questions that they might not have thought to ask during a brief tour of the school.

Public School Prospectus

Fee-paying schools are in direct competition with one another. If you are asking parents to part with thousands of pounds each term, then you need to be able to demonstrate why they should choose your school and not one of its rivals. A prospectus provides the perfect vehicle for presenting information about pupil experience and achievements.

Sixth Form/College Prospectus

Towards the end of their GCSE year, pupils must choose the subjects that they wish to study for their final two years of compulsory education. Sixth forms and colleges often offer quite different courses and many students get their first feeling of autonomy within the education system whilst leafing through a college prospectus and realising that their choice of course could have a profound effect on their future.

University Prospectus

The modern university must use its prospectus to sell the student experience as well as list courses. University students want to know that the campus that they eventually choose will be one which enables them to fulfil all their dreams of student life – working hard and mingling with the best minds of their generation in a thriving university town or city.

Attracting Overseas Students

Most overseas students will not have a chance to visit campus. Their choice of establishment will be heavily reliant on information they read in the prospectus. If there is a particular country that you are interested in targeting, it might be worthwhile to produce a print run of your prospectus in the language of that country.

At Colour Print, we have the facilities to print and bind a professional prospectus for your school, college or university. Call us on 01603 488001 or email

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