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24/01/2018 Education and Training

The Rise of the Yearbook

Stack of Yearbooks

The yearbook – the professionally printed album of faces and quotes and stories of schooldays, compiled by the students themselves – was, until recently, a peculiarly American phenomenon. However, alongside the Prom dress and cheerleading, the yearbook has migrated to Britain and found itself a place in our changing British schools. At Colour Print, we have the facilities to print and bind high quality yearbooks.

Skills for the Students

If your school is thinking about adopting this tradition, you’ll give the pupils involved in yearbook production a rounded experience. These are some of the skills that they’ll need to utilise:

  • Photography. Every student who wants to be included can be in the yearbook. The bulk of the book is taken up with pages of 'mugshots'. The average pupil will have their name, a photograph and a quote. Pupils who have achieved something special or who have a story worth telling can be given more space.
  • Design. The layout of the yearbook must be carefully planned to ensure that there’s room for everything that the committee wants to include. Feature pages will need special attention.
  • Copyediting and Proofreading. These essential skills will need to be applied to make sure that the book contains no factual or typographical errors.
  • Marketing. The printing costs of the yearbook are offset by the marketing team. Their job is to presell the book to their peers.

Professionally Printed and Bound

The traditional yearbook is presented in portrait format in hardcover, but it will be a good lesson for the design sub-team of your school’s yearbook committee to investigate feasibility and pricing of other formats. Whatever design they settle on, we have the facilities at Colour Print to produce a professional record of a key year from the best years of their lives.    

If you are looking for high-quality yet cost-effective print services for a project, talk to our team. Call us on 01603 488001 or email

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