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06/11/2018 Printing FAQs

What Paper Weight is Best for My Print Project?

stack of printing paper

When you are designing a print project such as a brochure, an important consideration is choosing the correct weight for the paper. The paper you choose may affect the impression people have of your company as much as the content printed on it. 

Grams per Square Metre

Paper weight is measured in Grams per Square Metre (GSM). Generally, the higher the GSM value, the thicker your paper will be. Here is a rough guide to some paper weights and the uses that they might be suitable for:

  • 80-100gsm: This is the usual weight of standard office paper for everyday casual printing and photocopying.
  • 100-120gsm: Slightly heavier, this weight is popular for formal stationery paper uses such as letterheads.
  • 130-170gsm: General purpose paper, this weight is ideal for posters, leaflets, flyers and the interior pages of a brochure.
  • 170-200gsm: This is the halfway point between paper and card. Suitable for brochure covers, large posters and double-sided flyers.
  • 200-250gsm: You might choose this weight (the starting point for card) for the cover if you are looking for a quality finish to a brochure. 
  • 300-400gsm: High quality brochure covers and good quality business cards tend to be around this weight – although some people choose to use a lighter weight and a laminate finish.

The Right Paper for Your Project

Choosing the correct paper weight is a vital aspect of the design process that will affect the cost and the quality of your final printed product. A brochure, business card or leaflet might influence the first impression that potential customers form of your business. You might also need to consider the impact on delivery costs when using heavier paper. 

When you work with Colour Print, you will be talking to experienced printers who can advise you on the best paper for the project you have in mind. Instead of clicking a value on an online form and hoping for the best, you can draw on our years of experience in producing high quality printed projects.

Once you have formed the idea for your print project, give us a call on 01603 488001 or email and we will assign a team member to help you with all aspects of the printing.

For regular articles answering all your printing FAQs. follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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