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18/10/2018 Lithographic Printing

Use Spot Colour Printing for Exact Colour Matches

exact colour matching

Most of the world’s digital printers and 4-colour lithographic printing presses are limited to the colours that can be produced using the four-colour process. At Colour Print, we have two 5-colour lithographic presses. This means we can combine four-colour process printing with your choice of spot colour in a single print run – keeping costs lower than printers who have to add a spot colour in a separate run.

Four Colour Process

For everyday printing, tiny dots of process inks in four colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) – are combined to produce a wide range of required colours. If you look at the image of the dog below, you can see how the illusion of different colours is created by just these four primaries. However, there are certain colours that cannot be accurately reproduced using this process. We understand that organisations shouldn’t be limited to approximating a colour. Especially if that colour is strongly identified with your brand. On our lithographic presses, we can add a spot colour in the exact shade that you are after.

dog rendered in CMYK

Pantone Colour Matching

The Pantone colour matching system is a standard reference that is used all over the world to ensure that colours are consistent no matter where they are printed or what they are printed on. The Pantone system features many colours that cannot be reproduced using the CMYK method. Designers may limit their colour palette accordingly – but they don’t have to if they use a printer that can accommodate spot printing. We can use the fifth plate in our printing presses to apply an ink that exactly matches any colour defined by Pantone.

More Available Colours

CMYK printing is more than adequate in many circumstances. However, if you have chosen a colour to make your brand stand out from the competition, then you don’t want to approximate that colour! Spot colour allows you to extend your colour range, use more vivid oranges and greens, add luminescent colours and metallic colours, or apply varnishes to specific areas of your printed materials. 

To find out more about including spot colour in your printing, or to get a quote for a project, call us on 01603 488001. 

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