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11/10/2018 Business Services

Corporate Christmas: Calendars and Greetings Cards

Norwich 2019 Calendar printed in Norwich

Christmas comes early in the printworks. At this time of year, we’re printing cards and calendars for organisations that want to send a memorable corporate Christmas message.

Christmas Cards

The owner of a small business might write a Christmas card for each client and business contact as a personal gesture of thanks and seasonal goodwill. As a business grows, this personal touch may seem unscalable. But digital printing techniques make personalising a large run of Christmas greetings cards a feasible option. 

A digital printer can extract information from a database to change what is printed on each individual printed item. This means that you can include your clients’ actual names on their card rather than a generic ‘Dear Valued Customer’. You could also include a personalised message. And we can print addressed envelopes to go with each card. Our services don’t stop there, we can even arrange to have the cards assembled in their paired envelopes and delivered to your customers straight from our printworks.

Printed Calendars

Corporate gifts give business contacts a permanent reminder of your connection – and none are more effective than a calendar, which will be on display all year round. How many people do you think visit your clients’ offices or home in a year? You could reach out to all of them with a promotional calendar featuring your company logo.

The twelve pictures are a great chance to show off your product lines or connections to local attractions. It may be worth teaming up with a professional artist or photographer to increase the chances of your calendar being put on display.

If you’d like Christmas greetings cards or 2019 calendars printed to send to your clients, get in touch with Colour Print now. Call us on 01603 488001 or email

For more print marketing advice and to see all of our latest projects, follow us on Facebook.

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